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sometimes you just have to take a breath and realize that you’re a work in progress and that’s okay. it may be difficult right now, but the best is yet to come. aren’t you excited?

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/forgets how dumb kai’s season 1 outfit was and how emotional I still can get over an anime about spinning tops

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Beyblade AMV - The Boys of Summer

BEYBLADE NOSTALGIA like woah. I’ve had an amv planned to this song since 2008. Of course now this song is totally audio blocked from youtube, so this is the only place I can post it X’D;;; I LOVE THESE GUYS SO MUCH

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Wyatt: ”But there is one name that keeps coming up. Who you would like to face. You know, Tyson, your buddy from the Bladebreakers.”

Kai: Yes, I guess I would like to face Tyson one last time. That battle would be… interesting. That would be a real fight. But it would never happen.”

It happened, Kai! And it was awesome!

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Tyson Granger - Nikkz

Kai Hiwatari - LunaticJudai 

Ray Kon - me

Max Tate - Irem 

Kenny - Osaka

Photo are taken by Mr_Nishi

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♒ ☼ ൠ - Kai Hiwatari


♒ - cooking/food headcanon: Kai probably forgets to eat half the time because the asshole can’t take care of himself (ugh kai y), and someone (I usually imagine Takao, Gramps, or Hiromi, mostly Takao tho) has to remind him/force him to eat something. As far as cooking goes Kai probably isn’t very good at it. Where would he ever learn or need to learn to do that sort of thing lul. By the time he’s an adult he probably (hopefully) learns to cook basic things like rice and various egg dishes though, most other things unless it’s really simple he ends up burning or just messing up somehow  (thank god for stuff like sandwiches and salads lul). If he is living on his own in an apartment if he doesn’t make something then he’s probably eating takeout, lots of takeout. I also headcanon that he doesn’t like vinegary things.

☼ - appearance headcanon: complete mess? Kai has a goth phase in high school, which doesn’t change his hair much, it just makes his clothes even worse because he can’t fashion properly (his hair really can’t get much worse tbh). sometime in his late teens/early 20s he finally starts dressing like an adult and gets a proper haircut. GJ Kai

ൠ - random headcanon: On various holidays Kai gets random cat things in the mail (usually from Max) like beanie babies and ugly sweaters with cats on them. Takao makes him wear them.

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