Hmm, i see a little upgrade of the Color Pallete Challenge. How about Kai + 2 from the second pallet challenge?


Sorry I took so long… procrastination

Kai turned out HNNNG <3 So I guess it’s worth the wait

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kai profile sketch

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Oh wow! That's cool you started shipping them then! I think nice was the only word I could think of, since in the dub he was all 'there's no time to rest on our luarals' - i didn't know what that meant when I was a kid, beyblade teaching me words ahah. Idk maybe motivational, but maybe more forceful/blunt like you mentioned. I get the impression sometimes the other bba members would find it hard to console Tyson in this area (the pridefulness) because they'd be a bit more (cont)


(cont) savvy to Tysons emotional mentality. I think they’d sugar coat a bit more, at least in s1 because they’re not world-famous yet. Kai’s really good in that in s1 Tyson clearly respects him not only as the captain, but as a blader/friend?/rival, and we see that grow through all the series and watch their relationship bloom into the (utter homo) it is in grev.

LOL YESSSS. I love how Tyson and Kai interact in season 1. They’re so AT ODDS WITH EACH OTHER. Like, Kenny, Max, and Ray become friends with Tyson so easily. And they’ve all won and lost battles before so it’s not hard for them to see things from Tyson’s pov.

But what’s funny is by that point, Kai had ONLY been beaten by Tyson. That was it. He had laurels up to ying yang. HE was the reigning Japanese champion. His Dranzer was totally the bomb. Nothing could stop Kai, except Tyson (that one time) so he could sit cosy from the sidelines and dole out as much advice as he wanted and still believe he could come in and beat anyone at a moment’s notice and win whatever tournament was necessary. 

Tyson and Kai reflect each other more than anything else. It’s only after Tyson gets crushed by Robert, that Kai gets super crushed by Johnny, and they both have to use the same advice to win, albeit it comes in completely different styles. That’s what’s so cool about their friendship/rivalry/teamwork/shippyness etc… They’re so alike but not. And when they NEED to win, it’s usually the drive or advice or motivation they give each other that cinches it. =)))))


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I finally have them all

My collection is complete

I have no life cries

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Good night all~

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Kai’s known Daichi for all of half a day and is already done with his shit

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I was gonna ask how the island collapsing didn’t cause any mega waves but thought better of it

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russia’s lake baikal, the world’s oldest, largest and deepest freshwater lake, freezes over for half the year, creating the clear, turquoise ice seen in these photos by (click pic) alexey kharitonovalexey trofimov, santorifotovalery chernodedov and dmitriy sharov. (see also: more russia and lake baikal posts)

Here, have some utterly fantastic beauty. Clearly we need it about now.

Dude, ice, that’s awesome.

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